Tania Willard - Artist

Drawn to Change

(the latest book from graphic history collective) is available now! 


Featuring an extension of Red Flags Red Skin, my first comic exploring Indigenous peoples and labour history.  'Working on the Water, Fighting for the Land' is a comics account of the deep Indigenous labour history and struggle on Burrard Inlet.



Tania Willard

To shadows and delusions here, 2016

(from the series #haunted hunted)

Photograph by Aaron Leon

Unsettled Sites:

Marian Penner Bancroft, Wanda Nanibush, Tania Willard

Curated by Tarah Hogue
May 7 - July 29, 2016
SFU Gallery

Such an amazing project and some great minds of strong indigenous women in this current project. Check out the site and start following as this project picks up steam..we changin' the world a lil' bit at a time..



Recent design work for book covers have been getting some attention:


Wabigoon River Poems with Kegedonce Press got some nods from All Lit Up. Making their favourite covers of 2015.


And Uninhabited by Jordan Abel with Project Space got some press for CBC Books selection of 15 best covers of 2015. 




Some new comic work as linocuts in this excisting new compilation with the Graphic History Collective. First time anything I have worked on has had a testimonial form Noam Chomsky. 

Check it out!





Check out the interview with Project Space for Jordan Abel's new publication Uninhabited. Pick up a copy at Vancouver Art Book Fair this October 2014.


Also this cover won some recognition recently for one of 15 best covers for Canadian Literature in 2015!




Togerher with researchers and authors Robin Folvik and Sean Carleton from the Graphic History Collective in Vancouver BC I am creating a new lino-cut comic narrative. Illustrated completely in relief print panels, this work will tell the story of Indigenous longshowing on Burrard Inlet and how early labour organizing by Indigenous people heped to support the wider land struggle against colonization and capitalism.



Working on a body of new work around residential schools for upcoming exhibitions in Vancouver during the Truth and Reconicillation meetings in September 2013. 

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